Elissa’s “Raw Honey ” Cookie Dough Balls

Preparation time: 8 hour
Total time: 8 hour


• Cooked chickpeas – 16 ounces
• Raw organic honey – 3 tbsps
• Coconut sugar – 1 tbsps
• Baking soda – 1/8 tbsps
• Raw organic almond butter – 4 tbsps
• Vanilla – 2 tbsps
• Pinch of common salt
• Vegan chocolate chips – 11/2 cups

How to prepare:


• Inside a blender add chickpeas, raw honey, sugar, baking soda, vanilla and common salt.
• Process the entire ingredient well.
• Transfer the mixture inside a bowl and add about half cup of the chocolate chips inside it.
• Roll out the mixture into 1 inch balls and line the baking sheet with parchment-paper.
• Place all the balls over the parchment-paper. Keep in refrigerator until become solid.
• Melt the remaining chocolate chips using double boiler.
• For coating, dip all the balls into the chocolate and place back on parchment-paper.
• Keep in refrigerator again until its coating become hard. After that, keep it at the room temperature and enjoy the delicious Elissa’s “Raw Honey” Cookie Dough Balls.

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