Raw fig and ginger pie

Preparation time: 25 m
Total time: 25 m


• Pistachio nuts -1 cup
• Almonds – ½ cup
• Dried figs (100-120g)
• Common salt – 1/8 tsp


• Cashew nuts(soaked overnight) – 3 cups
• Almond milk – 1 ¾–2 cups
• Lime juice – 3 tsp
• Grated ginger (2-3 tsp)
Crystal’s All Natural Raw Honey™ – ¾ cup
• Common salt – ¼ tsp
• Lecithin – 3 tsp
• Virgin coconut oil – ¾ cup

 How to prepare the Raw fig and ginger pie:


• Add all the base ingredients inside a blender; process until it forms thick crumb. Press the crumb inside a 21 cm plastic wrap tray.
• Combine all topping ingredients inside a blender and blend until become smooth cream.
• Add 1¾ cups of almond milk and two cm grated ginger in the mixture; blend it. If the mixture becomes very thick, add more milk for making it smooth. You can also add ginger for taste.
• Add coconut oil and lecithin in the blended mixture and blend again to mix well until it the mixture gets converted into the thick cream.
• Spread the cream onto base and keep in refrigerator at least for 4 hour.

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Raw fig and ginger pie
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