Raw Honey Blueberries Cup-Cakes

Preparation Time – 10M
Cook Time – 8M
Total Time – 18M

These Blueberries cup cakes with raw honey are bursting with the flavors of coconut butter and cashews. You can enjoy them with the topping of lush cream cheese frosting!



• Homemade coconut butter – 1 cup
• Blueberries – 1 cup
• Coconut oil, extra virgin – 1 cup
• Crystal’s raw honey – 1/3rd cup
• Unsweetened shredded coconut – 1/4th cup
• Chopped cashews or any other nuts – 1/4th cup

How To Prepare

1. Take a small pan and place it over medium heat.

2. Add blueberries and raw honey inside the pan and mix well in order to break down the blueberries.

3. Add the extra virgin coconut oil and the coconut cream after breaking down of the blueberries.

4. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

5. Remove the pan from heat and add the chopped cashews and shredded coconut inside it.

6. Take the muffin tin and line it with the silicone or paper muffin liners. Transfer the mixture into each cup up to your preferable height, then place in the refrigerator for about twenty minutes.

7. The Raw Honey Blueberries cakes are ready to consume.

8. Sore the remaining cakes in freezer.

Serves – twelve

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