Raw Honey Brownies

Preparation Time: 40M

Raw Honey Brownies
Raw Honey Brownies

These raw honey brownies had changed my perception about deserts. It is an incredible, easy to prepare and is a healthy treat. The presence of walnuts provides a satisfying crunch to the recipe and the creaminess that chocolate dreams to be.

Ingredients for brownies:

  • Walnuts – one cup
  • Dates, pitted – one cup
  • Cocoa powder – one third cup
  • Handful of cocoa nibs

Ingredients for frosting:

  • Avocado – half piece
  • Vanilla – two teaspoons
  • Cocoa powder – one fourth cup
  • Crystal’s All Natural Raw Honey™ – three tablespoons
  • Cinnamon – one teaspoon
  • Salt to taste

How to prepare:

  • Line a loaf pan using the parchment paper.
  • Convert the mixture of cocoa, walnuts and dates into soil like powder. Mix the cacao nibs and then press the blend in the pan in order to create an even layer.
  • Combine the frosting ingredients inside the food processor and mix until it become smooth. In order to make this mixture a little sweeter you can just add the Crystal’s Raw Honey inside it.
  • Spread the frosting puree over the layer of brownie and refrigerate it for about thirty minutes.


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