Raw Honey Chocolate Treat

Preparation Time: 2H


Coconut Balls Ingredients

•  Grated coconut – 200 Grams
•  Fresh dates – 20 pcs
•  Raw coconut oil – one tablespoon

For chocolate coating

•  Raw cocoa powder – 4 tablespoon
•  Coconut oil – 2 tablespoon
•  Raw honey – 2 tablespoon
•  Cinnamon powder – 2 pinches
•  Himalayan pink salt – 0.5 teaspoon

How to prepare

Coconut balls:

•  In the food processor add grated coconut and blend for about five minutes until the flakes of the coconut become coarse flour.

•  Add the Himalayan salt and the cinnamon in the coconut flour and blend again.

•  Add the raw coconut oil and the pitted dates; blend again until all the ingredients start to stick together in the mixer.

•  Turn the blender off and create small balls of the flour.

•  Place the balls in a tray and refrigerate for an hour in order to solidify the coconut oil.

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