Where to Buy Raw Honey?

Local Beekeepers
Local Beekeepers


First I should begin by explaining the benefits of raw honey so that you can fully understand why it is a healthy alternative to the processed honey you find at the local grocery store. Raw honey or the natural honey is normally unfiltered and unheated which helps to keep the original purity of honey.  Did you know that most the honey you buy in the grocery store has processed sugar while all raw honey is just that all natural honey that is straight form the honeycomb. All honey contains pollen and the amount of pollen depends on from which flower it is taken from. In the case of raw honey, heat is not applied and that is why the pollen remains as it is. So, you get the full nutritional value from the pollen. However, in the case of processed honey, heat is applied for filtration which decreased the pollen. As a result, the protein content goes down in processed honey. Most processed honey that you will find in the market goes through above 115 degree Fahrenheit of heat in a pasteurization process in order to eliminate bacteria. But, this process also eliminates some beneficial components, such as the pollen and enzymes, which are important for having the healing properties. In short, raw honey comes directly from the beehive and straight into your honey jar. There is no processing that takes place, so the medicinal components of the honey remain as it is.

Where to buy raw honey?

where to buy raw honey
Where to buy raw honey?

It used to be the only way to get raw honey was to look for a local beekeeper, However shopping for raw honey today can be done with the click of a button.  Crystal’s Raw Honey has over 50 years of beekeeping experience and now for the first time they are bringing their honey to your door. You can check out Crystal Raw Honey  which has multiple stores and a good brand value that you can trust. You can order your raw honey from them and get free shipping on an order of 6. Nothing comes easily in this world. This is a well known fact that all the processed goods are not as nutritionally valuable as they claim to be. Raw honey is known to be the remedy of multiple illnesses, but because of the effects of processing honey, it loses its medicinal capabilities. There is also fake raw honey available in the market that claims to be original from the beehive. As you have already been advised before, you should also do your research before buying your first raw honey. Once the trust is build, it is always the same supplier for you.

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Where can you buy raw honey?
Tired of buying and having processed sugar filled honey that does not have the taste of natural nor the health benefits of raw honey? Still cannot find a valid source for all natural raw honey ? Well, you have to search in the right place to buy genuine raw honey.
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